Sgss Badminton

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Dear Tournament Players,

Today's training, 28/01/16 is cancelled. Please head home after school. Thank you.
Dear Badminton Team,

Training is suspended for all non competition players due to the hectic schedule of the South Zone Tournament.

We will resume training on 23 February 2016, Tuesday from 3-5:30pm for ALL MEMBERS.

In the meantime, keep yourself fit and stay safe!

Monday, 18 January 2016

Competition training timings

Dear badminton team,
                                 Hello badminton team! There is a new training schedule during the competition season. For all those who are non-competitive players, the only training which you need to attend is on           Monday 3-5.30pm. For the competitive players, you will need to attend trainings on Monday 3-5.30pm, Tuesday 3-5.30pm and Thursday 3-5.30pm. Please train hard and do your best! Do not neglect your health!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Badminton training timings

Dear badminton team,
                                  The training for 2016 has already begun! The training timings are as per usual.
Monday 3 - 5.30pm, Tuesday 3 - 5.30pm and on Thursday from 3 - 5.30pm. Please do show up for all the training lessons! A letter or an MC is required to state why you did not attend the training. Please do rest well and train hard for the upcoming badminton competition which will be held sometime in Febuary!